Reporters Online

Reporters Online supports new business models for freelance journalism.

About the network

Reporters Online is a Dutch collective of freelance journalists who publish and monetise their own work. It is one of the biggest independent networks of journalists in Europe, with about 800 participants.

The collective offers journalists the opportunity to collect donations for their work and crowdfund. It also creates and hosts websites for journalists.

As of June 2023, it publishes some of the journalists’ articles in English, pending a European launch of the platform.


The Reporters Online international site and the AI chatbot.


Name: Reporters Online

Network details

Size: 100+ members
Founded: 2012
Geographical focus: National
Type of members: Freelancers
Legal entity: Yes
Open to new members: Yes


  • Climate
  • Health
  • Migration
  • Organized crime
  • Politics / policy / democracy
  • Social issues


  • Netherlands


  • Community outreach / audience development
  • New business models

Support/join our network

  • Collaborate on grant applications
  • Exchange know-how/trainings

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