ReMC – Spanish Community Media Network

ReMC brings together, coordinates and defends the purposes of a diversity of media, initiatives and citizen communication practices included within the so-called Third Sector of Communication.

About the network

ReMC was born with the mission of “promoting and defending Human Rights and the democratic principles included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with special reference to freedom of expression and the Right to Communication as key fundamental rights for the exercise and development of other rights”, as stated in its statutes.

The media of the Third Communication Sector are private, non-profit actors that fulfill a social purpose and are managed by citizen organisations of various types.

Its work is aimed at satisfying the communication needs of citizens and enabling the exercise of the right to information and freedom of expression of individuals and communities. These media are open to the widest possible participation both in the ownership of the media, in internal decision-making and in access to the broadcast itself.


Onda SDG – Start with you:

This project aims to disseminate and encourage citizen participation around the Sustainable Development Goals. More than twenty community media members of the ReMC broadcast a series of 30 radio spots to publicise analysis, demands and, especially, local initiatives related to the Sustainable Development Goals. In the coming days, they will also begin to be disseminated on the Onda ODS networks, as well as on the website.

In addition, during the next few months, this project will develop twelve local communication strategies on the SDGs, based on 30 citizen challenges defined from the participation of their local environment, the City Council and social entities, for example in the municipalities of Coslada, Merindad de Valdivielso and Cardedeu. To facilitate the development and dissemination of these challenges, the project team published cOmunicanDonos, a practical guide for the development of audiovisual content related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sonando Local:

This initiative represents a commitment to make global challenges visible through local communication. First OTT platform in Europe for locally produced content on environmental sustainability, social justice and rural revitalisation. Formed within the framework of the ONDA ODS project, an alliance of 4 local media networks in the Spanish State bringing together more than 150 local radio and TV stations inaugurated on February 13 the first OTT platform for audiovisual content produced locally in Europe.



Network details

Size: 20 - 50 members
Founded: 2009
Geographical focus: National
Type of members: Media outlets
Legal entity: Yes
Open to new members: Yes


  • Climate
  • Health
  • Migration
  • Politics / policy / democracy
  • Social issues
  • Alternative culture, minority languages, minority cultures


  • Spain


  • Community outreach / audience development
  • Digital formats / multimedia production / interactive journalism
  • Event organisation
  • Multilingual journalism
  • Training

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