Paper Trail Media

Paper Trail Media is dedicated to international impact journalism - spanning print, online, podcasts, and video formats.

About the network

The aim of Paper Trail Media is to bring about change and enhance accountability. Ideally, the groundbreaking revelations spark debates, inspire investigations and lead to changes in legislation.


Paper Trail Media was part of the #RussianAssetTracker, #VulkanFiles, #StoryKillers, #DeforestationInc and many other international collaborations.



Network details

Size: Under 10 members
Founded: 2022
Geographical focus: International
Type of members: Media outlets
Legal entity: Yes
Open to new members: Yes


  • Climate
  • Health
  • Migration
  • Organized crime
  • Politics / policy / democracy
  • Social issues


  • Austria
  • Switzerland


  • Data analysis / vizualisation
  • Digital formats / multimedia production / interactive journalism
  • Investigative journalism

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  • Collaborate on editorial projects

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