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FADA Collective

FADA is a collective founded by a group of Italian freelance reporters working across media and borders.

About the network

FADA Collective was created in 2020 to bring together the experience of a group of Italian freelance reporters working across media and borders. It’s an independent newsroom producing deeply reported public interest stories. The team aims to open up spaces for community dialogue around journalism and civic participation.

FADA believes that independent, balanced information on cross-border policies affecting citizens, communities, and the environment is a key factor of democratic participation. Its reporting is a tool to hold accountable private companies and private actors responsible for violating rights and putting communities and the environment at risk.

The journalists combine fieldwork with analysis and investigative reporting to shed light on stories linked with climate and social justice, human rights and the environment. They produce multimedia reporting – using web documentaries, photos, video, podcast, and text – to dig into the impact of the climate crisis, neocolonial global supply chains, labor exploitation, border policies and social movements.

FADA adopts and promotes a sustainable and innovative model of journalism production, working with partners, colleagues and communities to guarantee independence and impact.

They partner with international media to reach a wider audience and with local associations and public institutions in Italy to engage a diverse local audience that would have otherwise limited access to global and investigative stories.

Their vision is based on three fundamental pillars:

REPORT – They are an independent newsroom producing multimedia, deeply reported public interest stories.

CONNECT – They train young journalists, promote collaboration and we build a community for the next generation of media makers.

IMPACT – They engage with local communities, civil society and policymakers to open up spaces for dialogue around civic participation and journalism, beyond the traditional media, with the aim to trigger change.


A selection of recently produced projects:

The price of oil – In Iraq, Western oil companies are using environmentally disastrous technologies to exploit oil, leading to water shortages in an early dry country.

Europol and the fight for Europe’s big data Ark – an investigation about data privacy in Europe and the expanding role of Europol.

Exploiting a crisis: How Benin became the new frontline for jihadists

Marine pollution, a Tunisian scourge: Jeans industries destroy the marine ecosystem in the Ksibet El-Mediouni Bay – an investigation into the environmental impact producing clothing for European markets has on Tunisia.


Name: Giacomo Zandonini

Network details

Size: Under 10 members
Founded: 2020
Geographical focus: International
Type of members: Freelancers
Legal entity: Yes
Open to new members: Yes


  • Climate
  • Health
  • Migration
  • Organized crime
  • Politics / policy / democracy
  • Social issues


  • Italy


  • Community outreach / audience development
  • Data analysis / vizualisation
  • Digital formats / multimedia production / interactive journalism
  • Editorial support / project management
  • Event organisation
  • Investigative journalism
  • Multilingual journalism
  • Training

Support/join our network

  • Collaborate on grant applications
  • Exchange know-how/trainings

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